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Hand Knit Convertible Infinity Scarf in Olive/Grey

$18 $46

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Spun by Subtle Luxury multi-wear knit scarf.  It can be worn long or opened up as an infinity scarf--sort of like opening up a stocking or nylon---for wear as a chic, two-sided Infinity Scarf or pulled down over shoulders to convert into an open weave knit Poncho. 2 Layers with Beautiful Embroidery and Scalloped Knit Edge.

  • Spun by Subtle Luxury
  • Material 100% "soft-hand" Acrylic Knit
  • Care: Hand Wash Cold or Dry Clean
  • Size: 8"x80" long 
  • Details: Hand Knit Scarf with Fringe 
  • Imported